Steve Aoki Reveals Memoir Christened “BLUE: The Color Of Noise”

Without a doubt, Steve Aoki is a force to be reckoned with in dance music. The American producer has built an impressive empire throughout his career. Recently, the superstar has disclosed how he managed to make it all happen via his memoir christened “BLUE: The Color of Noise“.

If you’ve been following the talented DJ’s action-packed lifestyle, then you’ll know exactly how hectic it can be. Even if you have heard his name through the grapevine, you know that Steve Aoki has poured his heart and soul into his numerous projects. He started as a no name DJ and truly worked his way to the top.

There is no question that the 41-year-old wears many hats. Whether it be as a fashion icon, artist, record label owner, husband, Grammy-nominee, or pizza company owner, the beloved DJ has unveiled how he manages all of these roles, his travels, his relationship with his family, and the touchy subject of friendships lost to drugs and alcohol.

Sometimes I think my whole life can be seen through shades of blue…

You can pre-order the intriguing memoir here. BLUE will be available for purchase worldwide on September 3, 2019. We’re positive that the contents will be BLUE-tiful.