Samsung Is Developing All Screen Phones with Camera Underneath

Samsung announced it is actively developing “perfect full-screen” devices. No doubt, that statement leaves much to be asked. However, what we do know is its developing cameras and sensors beneath the actual screens.

The technology for such a feat is not yet available. In fact, it seems the technology won’t be available for quite some time according to Yang Byung-duk, a VP in Samsung’s Mobile Communication Group. Nevertheless, it seems in the next few years we may get phones with invisible camera holes.

The end product of this R&D push will be a phone with sensors embedded in the screen. Such a feat poses quite a challenge, but it seems Samsung is up for it. The recent promotion of the Galaxy S10’s showed a front-facing camera in the main display.

The Galaxy S10 hit the market with quite high reviews. Users praised its beautiful all-screen design, ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, wireless charging with power sharing and headphone jack inclusion.