Rolling Loud Festival Takes Shots At EDM

Rolling Loud is at it again with the EDM hate train. As a large festival that focuses mainly on Hip-Hop music, it’s understandable to want to only book as many Hip-Hop artists as possible. However, it’s one thing to go on Twitter to take shots at the EDM genre for some publicity. As a response to an EDM fan, Rolling Loud tweeted this:

Nevertheless, this caused a myriad of responses from outraged EDM fans. Trying to defend EDM fans pointed out as many flaws with Hip-Hop artists as they could and they did not hold back. Shots ranging from set times and arrival times, to how they only say a few words on the mic while the record version plays most of the song. Rolling Loud quickly learned that fans of EDM are not going to back down from a fight.

This is nothing new as for years now the festival has done this before. Back in 2017, they tweeted this to again spark rage induced EDM fans to react and give the festival more attention. In the past, they tried to make amends by saying that EDM wasn’t for their festival last year. Clearly, their tactics have changed and are now fully against having any DJ’s attend the event. It’s funny to see any festival would hate on another genre especially one who bases their business model on their enemy’s biggest festival. Last but not least, Insomniac owns Rolling Loud. Rolling Loud may want to reconsider its comments next time when regarding to the EDM genre and artists.

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