Richie Hawtin’s F.U.S.E Alias Releases Dimensions Collection

Richie Hawtin has announced the release of his limited edition vinyl box ‘Dimensions’ Collection from his artist alias, F.U.S.E. This release will commemorate the 25th anniversary of F.U.S.E’s releases.

Musically, the collection will feature all the early experiments. It will also include the unreleased 1993 ‘Computer Space album. Accompanying this will be art and an essay by his brother Matthew Hawtin, whose paintings have been a part of Richie’s musical inspiration. His ‘Dimension Intrusion’ album in 1993 is a collection of early experiments in his old studio at his parents’ house – aptly named “Under The Kitchen Studio” – in Canada. The overall collection will include this album, along with ‘Train-Tracs’. Richie re-mastered the albums, added unreleased tracks, and had them pressed on 180g white vinyl.

Plus 8 and The Vinyl Factory are handling the release. Plus 8 is Hawtin’s label with his partner John Acquaviva. F.U.S.E., or Futuristic Underground Subsonic Experiments, was a “creative tool for the young producer to explore, develop and challenge his craft in a musical territory that had yet to be defined,” the label says.

The techno legend is dropping the ‘Dimensions’ vinyl on April 15. The digital release is set for May. In tandem, an audio-visual exhibition will be held at The Store X at 180 The Strand in London from April 5-7. It will be played on The Vinyl Factory’s sound system.

For more information and pre-order, click here.