[Interview] Petit Biscuit Talks Personal Music Goals With EDMTunes

French DJ and producer, Petit Biscuit has made a phenomenal impact on the new generation of dance music. With being so young in the industry, Petit Biscuit has already made a remarkable impression on what new sub-genres will be incorporated into the realm of dance music. Petit Biscuit has been doing everything he can to rise to the top and it’s working. Directly off of his most recent release “Wide Awake“, Petit Biscuit has just performed a massive set at San Diego’s imprint house & techno festival CRSSD. We had a chance to talk to Petit Biscuit about what’s next for him.

Q: Taking it back to your single ”Night Trouble”, in which ways have you felt like you have grown the most within your career in music?

A: Definitely in my artistic choices! I was only doing ambient music and I brought it (thanks to live shows) to a punchier sound but still really organic and emotional. That’s what defines most of my music today.

Q: What challenges did you overcome when you made your most recent track “Wide Awake”?

A: Wide Awake is a war between digital and reality, where reality is supposed to win at the end. This track has a lot of meaning even without my lyrics and that’s interesting to put meaning into a production with some sounds only. Finding reality in that digital world is a fight today for everybody, and it felt important to at least evoke it in one of my track.

Q: What made you want to start your career in music at such a young age?

A: I decided to devote myself entirely to music a long time after I started composing as Petit Biscuit. It took me 3 years, a first world tour and 200M listens on Sunset Lover to convince me that I can spend much more time doing music and consider myself really as a full-time artist.

Q: Do you ever see yourself expanding your music into any other genres besides electronic music?

A: I’m listening to a lot of pop, surf rock, etc. But I’m not thinking about any genres when I’m doing music. It’s all happening in my mind, with my mood and sensibility of the day. Also, electronic music is everywhere, in every genre today. I can put some rock & pop influences in my music and it still will be seen as electronic music.

Q: Recently, the younger generation of festival goers have been talking about you the most. What kind of connection do you feel with your fans while performing?

A: I like to play live shows where people really see what I play. Also, I’m trying to make it really visual and simple, and keep some time to take the mic and talk to the crowd, in a simple way. I’m jumping, moving a lot because I like when there’s mutual energy created both by the crowd and the artist.

Q: What are some personal goals you have to build a deeper relationship with your fans while your career grows?

A: The great thing in my project is that it has started in an organic way, it’s not only my own project but a project carried by all my fans. Also, I’m always trying my best to take time for my fans and this is the most beautiful thing today, in every artist’s career: you can create a real relationship between you and your fans with all the content you share.

Q: What did it mean to you to be one of the youngest artists to play Coachella?

A: It’s incredible! Really happy about that. Coachella was one of the best moment I had on tour.

Q: Do you think that headlining your own tour was the jump start to a new path for you in music?

A: It has been a way for me to explore a lot of different new things in my productions. It’s also a great pleasure to play in front of a crowd full of fans. It’s different than in festivals, you have more time to show your full musical universe and it’s a closer way to communicate with fans.

Q: What are some of your own goals within music?

A: Doing art, specifically doing music is a perpetual quest in finding yourself, your style, what you really like and what you’re really happy with. So I’m sure my goal can’t be achieved in the future, but anyway… I will be searching myself forever.

Q: What can fans expect from you within this next year?

A: I’m working on my second album! I’m thinking about sharing a few singles of that one this year, so I hope everyone is ready.

Q: If you have any advice for young upcoming producers what would you tell them?

A: It’s all about patience and creativity. If it has to take 10 years to create one of your best pieces ever, let your mind take this time. Also, don’t think too much about the fame, it won’t make you be happy. Be focused on making what you really like, explore the sound and… I’ve made Sunset Lover with a $100 guitar and a few VST so money can’t be an excuse.

Thank you, Petit, for talking to us! We look forward to hearing more music in the future and watching you grow as an artist. Check out his single “Wide Awake” down below: