BONNIE X CLYDE – The Good Life

 BONNIE X CLYDE – The Good Life

Leave it up to BONNIE X CLYDE for consistently giving us their famous electronic dance house music vibes. This release is titled ‘The Good Life‘ and it definitely reminds us to live life to the fullest. It is a stellar track with a killer beat and a sentimental message.

As their first release with Ultra Music, this song has got their vocal bass style on lock. With elements of electropop and house fused together, this is another club track we would love to hear live. We love them so much for their signature style. Plus, Paige’s vocals create a timeless feel to it. The drop is FIRE and so is that deep bass interjecting throughout.

Whether you go to Subway just for the bread or you are in need of some inspiration, BXC have you covered. Perhaps you’ve seen them teasing this single as they live vicariously through their breakfast. “If you could have it all for one night, it’s the good life”–something that we should all remember.

Our DJ/vocalist duo has captured our hearts and minds in the millions. If you’ve been lucky enough to catch them at a show, you’ve seen their energy. Paige (Bonnie) and Daniel (Clyde) know how to party and it translates into the music they produce. They are the epitome of a music-slaying pairing. Best friends at heart, criminals in the studio, they are creating more noise this year.

Their music has words that we can all relate to. As we wait patiently for more of their new music this year, we can’t wait to have them share their new BXC style with the world.

Take a listen to their latest track and let us know what you think!

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