AirPods & Other Wireless Headphones Pose Cancer Risk

AirPods, the wireless earphones, perfect for the gym and travel, are under scrutiny after recent news that they may cause cancer. While there is still much more research to be done, over 200 scientist have signed a petition, warning that the tech could lead to negative health effects. The petition, signed by researchers from 42 different countries, has been directed to the United Nations and World Health Organizations.

Bluetooth, the AirPods and all wireless headphones’ main source of connection to your cell phone, is the center of recent debate. Basically, Bluetooth wirelessly transmits data using electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radio waves. Researchers believe that these waves, at close proximity to one’s head, may be potentially dangerous and cancer causing.

“Placement in the ear canal exposes tissues in the head to relatively high levels of radio-frequency radiation.” – Jerry Phillips

Even worse, scientist state that extended EMF exposure can cause neurological disorders and DNA damage. In all, having the set of earphones on, transmits unhealthy microwave-like waves through your brain. These warnings are similar to what we heard several years ago regarding cell phones omitting high levels of radiation.

Over 45 million AirPods sold since launch and a second generation are expected this year. Additionally, wireless headphones are extremely popular because of their Bluetooth technology. More research ought to be done to understand the long term side effects with this relatively new technology. Additionally, are the hundereds of other Bluetooth products we own safe? Those trusty wired headphones might be the safer option for those concerned.