Thanks to the power of Reddit and a few other sources, speculation has begun as to whether Tomorrowland will feature the biggest mainstage (or mainstage crowd) in their history for the 2019 event. According to De Schorre, the recreational area where the festival takes place, they have started to expand the grass areas around the mainstage location. You see the Tomrorowland mainstage sits with a manmade grassy bowl facing it, complete with stepped formations built in to create a massive ampitheater. However if you face the mainstage, the steeped grass ends on the left side of the mainstage and becomes flat. Previously this area was fenced off and partially wooded.

They have done this by expanding the space to a wooded area previously untouched by the festival. They also plan to add additional stairs to the grassy slope area. Only time will tell to see exactly what they are doing with the area. With it being the 15th anniversary of Tomorrowland, we do expect them to introduce things never seen before. It is crazy to think that a festival that fits an immense 400,000 people both weekends will get even bigger.

Concept image of completed space

Of course, we can try to predict some other surprises they will try to throw at us. Maybe Swedish House Mafia? Again, only time will tell for that one.

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