The Chainsmokers Reveal They Wanted To Headline Fyre Festival

the chainsmokersThe Chainsmokers recently revealed that they wanted to play Fyre Festival. The American duo revealed this in an interview with Australian radio host, Smallzy. The conversations started as he was talking with Drew Taggart and Alex Pall about their festival experiences. He asked them about why they were recently visiting the Cayman Islands. “Was it Fyre Festival 2.0?” Smallzy joked.

The conversation then goes into KAABOO Festival which is, as Taggart put it, “What Fyre Festival was trying to do.” Drew then adds that Fyre Festival killed it on the marketing. It could have been great. “All they had to do was put on a festival!”

Pall then admits that he was totally sold on the idea. He liked the thought of hanging out with the wild pigs that were shown in promotional material. And then also the fact that “Bella Hadid is there, and looks like she’s gonna be your best friend if you just buy a ticket.”

I definitely sent a message to our manager, our agent when this started rolling before things went south,” Pall recalls with a laugh, “And I was like what’s the deal? Are we going to get an offer for this festival?”

Is it an insult to not get invited to play Fyre? Probably not. Most likely it was a blessing in disguise. We wouldn’t want to see The Chainsmokers go through another humiliating event (coughAmericanIdolcough). Check out the interview down below: