ODESZA Release Six Track “A Moment Apart” Remix EP

ODESZAJust a while ago ODESZA graced us with a gorgeous 25 track deluxe version of their third album A Moment Apart. Featuring sought after VIP mixes & acoustic reprises, the deluxe version builds upon what was already an amazing album. And this new remix EP is no less at proving to be a fresh addition to their catalogue.

Featuring remixes from Chet Porter, MEMBA, ford. & more, we are treated to a blissful soundscape of releases. From Running Touch adding vocals to ‘Late Night’ to Kodak to Graph turning ‘Divide’ into a stripped down track full of nature’s ambience, I find this EP to be rather engaging. To see all these artists put their spin on the originals really gives you an idea of how a different creative approach can change a song entirely, and isn’t what all remixes should be? To add a new flavour to a track so as to allow fans to rediscover it in a different way? This 6 track remix EP did just that.

Stream ODESZA’s A Moment Apart Remixes below.