Marshmello Reaches 10 Million with Fortnite Set

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There seems to be a growing trend of DJs performing for massive online audiences in various video games. Over the summer of 2018 the likes of Solomun and Tale of Us among others to hit the decks for Grand Theft Auto online players. Saturday we saw that conception, DJing for millions around the globe over online gaming, taken to the next level.

Perennial trend setter Marshmello hosted a live concert which saw roughly 10 million gamers tune in. Marshmello is a known Fortnite fan, actively promoting it and even recently winning a tournament a tournament with Ninja.

The event was put on by Epic, and early numbers point to it being a massive success. Sources indicated the event had 10 million concurrent players. This could possibly have been the most concurrent players the game has ever had according to early reports. The 10 million players does not take into account the viewers picked up from twitch streams or the encore performance, so that figure may yet drastically rise.

The event was a monumental achievement by Epic, Marshmello, and all those involved. Judging by the positive feedback and colossal numbers its safe to say we’ll get another similar event soon.

Check out the event below and let us know your thoughts.