G Jones’ The Ineffable Truth Tour Falls Nothing Short Of Incredible

G Jones' Ineffable Truth

It’s no secret that G Jones is an incredible artist. The release and subsequent critical acclaim for his eleven track The Ineffable Truth album just a few months ago was a testament to that fact.

But his artistry apparently doesn’t just end with producing music. It also extends to producing a live experience. We had the opportunity to check out G Jones’ The Ineffable Truth Tour when it made it’s stop in Atlanta.

There are DJ sets in a club. And then there are live experiences. This was definitely the latter. From the choice of venue, the historic concert hall the Tabernacle, to the stage production, to the opening sets from Chee and Tsuruda, every aspect of the show was expertly curated in the best way possible.

Pages could be spent detailing all of the reasons why this is the best show we’ve seen in awhile and all of the amazing things about it. But in short, his show was just like his album: simply ineffable. This really is one show you need to experience for yourself.

If you haven’t had the chance to see him already, you’re in luck because he still has a bunch of tour stops still left. Check out the remaining dates below and grab your tickets to them here.

G Jones The Ineffable Truth