Tulum City Council to Meet to Discuss Rave Restrictions

“Rave Oasis” Heading Towards Heavy Yellow Tape

If you’ve never heard of Tulum, Mexico, that is probably by design. Dubbed as “barefoot luxury,” Tulum caters to the mega-wealthy crowd. Located on the Caribbean coastline, it is home to some of the most stunning views, beaches, and preserved ruins. It was only a matter of time before tourists and Instagram-hungry visitors ruined the mystique.

As destination raves have become more popular, Tulum has become one of the top choices. Promoters and event companies invade this area with fast permits and no recourse. This influx of ravers has led to a severe mishandling of Tulum’s “preserved” areas, and causes a rift between the Tourism and Parks departments. As the region sees an increase in trash, nobody steps up to stop it because of the money rolling in.

Because of this, it appears that Tulum rave restrictions are going to be levied rather swiftly. City Council plans to meet to discuss rave culture’s presence in the area. The City believes that the values do not align with the tourism image of Tulum. Tulum personifies a luxurious escape, NOT an ongoing party capitol.

Tourism Dollars vs. Protecting Wildlife

Barbachano Losa, the Director of Tourism, states that holding these festivals inside national parks is questionable at best. He explains that that area is managed by Fernando Orozco, Director of the Park of the National Commission of National Protected Areas (CONANP).

Losa argues: “It is counterproductive and illogical to have thousands of people at a festival of lights and sounds in an area where the species are supposed to be protected. As usual, Fernando Orozco manages the park at his whim. He is a harmful presence for Tulum.”

Since New Year’s 2019, there have been two dead bodies found near the sites of these raves. Ultimately, Losa is working to preserve the image of Tulum. He strongly believes these parties are better suited elsewhere.

The Tulum rave restrictions that will be enacted are still to be determined. For the time being, better start checking into refund options on your next Tulum rave endeavor.