The Chainsmokers Confirm That New Music Is On The Horizon

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Whether you love or hate The Chainsmokers, there are no doubts that the dynamic duo is one of the hardest working producers in the industry. Having released a lengthy list of hit singles such as ‘Closer‘, ‘Roses‘, ‘Don’t Let Me Down‘, ‘Something Just Like This‘, ‘Paris‘, fans are ready for more.

As a matter of fact, the beloved group has recently announced that it’s “almost time for 2019 Chainsmoker music”, and fans are absolutely losing it!

Many of their followers have mixed feelings about what kind of music that they can expect, as the duo has branched out, on numerous occasions, from their typical EDM sound.

Last year, the ‘#Selfie‘ DJs switched things up a bit and found a happy medium to please their pop and EDM fans. Although they have yet to confirm what we can expect, the comment section of their Twitter post is highly intriguing…

God Father of HARDTRAP SAYMYNAME chimed in to hint that they have been working on a track together, and we’re completely baffled by this surprising match!

Bring on 2019! We have no doubts that The Chainsmokers will continue to push their musical boundaries. We can’t wait to hear what they have in store.