[Watch] Tchami Goes B2B with ZHU on Holy Ship! 2019

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By now, you are probably used to Tchami and Malaa unleashing some truly memorable back to back performances. Their iconic No Redemption tour has been making its way around the globe, and there’s no stopping the duo from continuing to bless the world with unexpected mashups and new music.

Recently, Tchami switched up his partner in crime when he performed a very special and rare b2b set with the mysterious ZHU. For the attendees that were lucky enough to witness the magic unfold at this year’s exciting edition of Holy Ship!, they can only aspire to explain what happened on the Pool Deck that sunny day.

Well, friends, what if we told you that you don’t have to try to piece together the sheer epicness that unfolded that afternoon? Thanks to one now-legendary cameraman and YouTube user, they have uploaded over an hour of the infamous set for your viewing pleasure.

You’ll definitely want to check this clip out – it’s full of surprises, including a horn line from Griz (25:10). Enjoy!