Raito – I Never Felt This Way

Raito I Never Felt This WayRaito – I Never Felt This Way

French DJ and producer, Raito, is back with a new track. The song premiered on the When We Dip SoundCloud. It’s called ‘I Never Felt This Way’ and it’s solid.

Positively trance-like, the song has a catchy beat that feels like it’s building up to…something. But it’s not a drop or anything like that. About halfway through, we’re introduced to what almost sounds like vocals. Whisperings of almost words.

As it goes on, we are finally able to make sense of what is being said. “I never felt” over and over until we finally get release. The only sort of drop in the song of “I never felt this way”. It’s incredibly satisfying to feel that buildup. We move through the song and reach a point of discovery.

This gets repeated at the end of the song as well. It’s still just as satisfying the second time around.

Raito’s music seems simple at first glance, but the more you dive into it, the more you discover. His music is exciting and we can’t wait to hear more.

Raito – I Never Felt This Way | Download