Nora En Pure – We Found Love (feat. Ashibah)

 Nora En Pure – We Found Love (feat. Ashibah)

Nora En Pure just released a new track off Spinnin’ Records titled ‘We Found Love‘. It features the musical stylings of the lovely Ashibah. This tune instills classic romance with its light, bouncy strings and a sweet woodwind melody. We feel this is a perfect song that captivates Nora’s signature sound but brings us something new.

It opens with such soulful vocals from Ashibah and then turns into a groovy song. The Danish/Egyptian DJ and singer fit quite nicely here. The single is uplifting yet tranquil for a melodic house creation. Then there is excitement, as the claps enter and the bass line carries you throughout. The symphony of instrument and lyrics will give you enormous chills. The queen of deep house has done it again and she is starting 2019 off right with this one. She is showing us just what it takes to be a classically trained musician capable of perfectly blending stunning vocals with energetic instrumentals.

As winter chills us, this piece offers us some warmth underneath its sound. A release on this record label is a new one but she has found a home here nonetheless. With her 2018 Polynesia tour concluded with success, she is coming to LA this February and will be playing across a couple more states this year. She is slated for a few big music festivals this year as well. Catch her at Coachella, EDC Mexico, and Ultra Music Festival this year.

There is no better person who will give you sultry, deep, and vibrant music than our beloved South African-Swiss producer. Her organic nature sounds and raw chemistry mixing prove she is a veteran in this scene. Don’t believe us? Take a listen at her latest single below.

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