Matt Skiba Performed Witchcraft to Prevent Fyre Festival From Happening?

INGLEWOOD, CA - DECEMBER 10: Matt Skiba of the band Blink 182 performs onstage at 106.7 KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2016 - Night 1 at The Forum on December 10, 2016 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for CBS Radio)

Here’s some new intel about the Fyre Festival fiasco. Blink-182‘s Matt Skiba performed witchcraft to make sure the event didn’t happen. Wait, what?

Remember that his band was supposed to headline alongside DisclosureMigos, and Major Lazer. Well, we all know that never happened. A storm of unrealistic expectations, poor planning, logistical errors, severe weather, and fraud all prevented the cursed festival from happening.

It comes as no surprise that when Skiba started realizing the shady stuff happening, he took matters into his own hands.

“I had a bad feeling about that event, I consider myself a pagan and a witch. I wanted Fyre not to happen” – Matt skiba

He claims that he put all the electricity and energy into his body against the event happening. Could it be the law of attraction or is Matt really some heathen being? Here is more insight on his statement. They pulled out for technical and logistical issues. I think that when a major headliner pulls out for a reason like that, the rest of things will surely start to hit the fan.

“I used my witchy ways and it seemed to work. I’ll take responsibility and everyone can blame me,” were Matt’s final thoughts. I don’t think anyone blames you Matt.

Here’s the facts:

With the amount of money being collected and promises of luxury but no payment made to vendors, the festival headed for disaster anyway. We all saw the documentaries and saw the heinous organization of it all. They over marketed something “special” and did not live up to their promise. Stranding people on a small island that could not take their capacity is intrusive. The Bahamas is a place of history and culture–plus the Fyre destination had to be chosen twice due to land issues. We’re glad that Billy McFarland has since gotten his comeuppance and some of the workers received their compensation.

Let’s leave festival organization to the pros…