Live Nation Set To Fill The Void Left By Sasquatch Music Festival’s Departure

Sasquatch music festival Last year we waved goodbye to Sasquatch Music Festival, being held at the breathtaking Gorge Amphitheatre since 2002. But organizers Live Nation are already looking to replace the void left by Sasquatch for 2019.

The festival had a history of bringing together the best in indie rock, electronic music, hip hop, and more. Waning public interest and ticket sale ultimately lead to its demise. In a recent press release, Live Nation announced what is presumed to be the replacement for Sasquatch Music Festival. Information regarding the new festival is however rather sparse at the moment.

“Details will follow in the weeks to come, but put it in your calendars: May 24-25-26, 2019 will see a new generation of contemporary artists carry on the tradition at this iconic Northwest institution,” organizers say via press release.

After 17 years, founder Adam Zacks preciously announced Sasquatch would cease to operate. The bittersweet decision came with very little reasoning — but he did say — “17 years is a long time to do anything.”

Speaking about the new venture Live Nation described it as:

“A tradition embraced by music fans for decades happily moves forward to welcome new audiences and artists to this magical venue where moments and memories will continue to be created and shared for years to come.”

Unfortunately, there are only sparse details as to what Live Nation has in store for us. We don’t exactly know what’s going to go down at the Gorge Amphitheatre. But rest assured it is definitely going to be worth it.