Lightning In A Bottle Changes Date, Moves Venue For 2019

Lightning In A Bottle has taken place over Memorial Day Weekend annually in Bradley, CA for the past few years—but they’re changing things up for 2019. They announced today that they’ll not only be forgoing their regular weekend, but they’ll be moving away from Bradley as well.

The festival will take place on May 8th-13th this year at a new venue that the Do Lab – the festival’s owner – has yet to announce. It should be coming within the next few weeks, though organizers claim that it will still be in Central California. For now, they wrote in an email to LiB subscribers:

What we can say is that we absolutely love this new venue and think you all will too. The space is an improvement in nearly every way and we appreciate your patience as we finalize everything for a fantastic new and improved LIB experience.

The movement does not come as a surprise, as venue changes are a regular part of ongoing festival planning. The previous space in Bradley, San Antonio Recreation Area, is no longer ideal – the lake is receding again and swimming isn’t looking to be an option, which was a key part of last year’s event. The Recreation Area is also being turned into a day use-only park with no camping allowed, which means that LiB could not continue to use this as their current home.

This news comes after their recent announcement that they’ll be offering 25% less tickets than usual. So far, all signs are pointing to a more intimate, small venue somewhere in CA – maybe Bakersfield or a similar central space.