Jauz Might Have Lost All His Unreleased Music From 2018 to Present

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Brace yourselves Jauz fans because we’re about to tear at your heartstrings…

In a recent Tweet, the American producer has announced that he might have lost all of the tracks that he’s been working on from last year until the present day.

That’s right, ravers, what could have potentially been the founder and CEO of Bite This best work, has unfortunately gone down the drain due to the fact he didn’t back up his computer.

The important of backups of one’s work is a lesson that we have all learned from an early age. Like most lessons, the individual has to learn the hard way for the reality to sink in. We’ve been there, Jauz; we know the heart-sinking feeling of losing your work due to a troubling technical glitch. Hang in there!

Although we are positive that your pieces were incredible, we also know that your next releases will be better than ever because you’ve lived through some great adventures recently – like your beautiful wedding. We can count on these pieces being filled with passion.

Stay positive! There’s potentially still hope that the singles aren’t wiped away forever.