Fideles – Endless Sacrifice EP

Fideles Endless Sacrifice EPFideles – Endless Sacrifice EP

Here’s a new EP just released by the Italian duo, Fideles. It is out now on Afterlife Recordings titled, ‘Endless Sacrifice’. The set contains four tracks of techno, each with their own unique style of delivering an epic melody.

The opening track ‘Heading North’ features the heavenly vocals of Flu. Note the subtle, acid bass line and radiant melody. Resting at a comfortable 125 bpm, the squelching synths build up as Flu comes in. Let his seductive voice fill you with sensation. Those Roland TB-303s drive the piece and surely set the tone for what is about to come next.

Harmed‘ is eerie and transcendent in sound. The background bass is strong while the driving melody moves you forward. Nestled at 124 bpm, there is a blend of kick drum, clap, and other instrumentals that give this track its flavor.

The title track ‘Endless Sacrifice’ starts off at 123 bpm and is another interesting, supernatural piece. In the beginning, it is driven with a pounding bass line. Then a twangy-synth comes in to accompany its background component. Light and feathery, staccato notes follow after. Ending the track is the bass line again for a strong finish with a surprise.

Tynos’ is more hard-hitting take on the theme as it takes off from the beginning with a blast of synth in your face. This is a prime tune for peak night hours. With lights down low, it’s time to get freaky with this one. There is wobble, a driving synth-y bass line, and a tone reminiscent of dark, industrial techno.

Daniele Aprile and Mario Roberti truly express a full spectrum of dance floor moods with this. They’re kicking off the year in mature and contemporary style. Each song is a quick two minutes so pay attention to all the elements. All are slightly different from each other, but so grand. Listen to the EP below and let us know what you think!

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