Zedd – Clarity (sad Virtual Riot Remix)

Virtual Riot has released a remix of Zedd’s hit song ‘Clarity’. He claimed that he owed us a free download for Christmas. This is something that he didn’t want to collect dust on his hard drive for all of eternity. It’s labeled the “sad Virtual Riot Remix”, which feels accurate for the twist it provides on the original track.

It opens with what feels like a walk through an empty, snow-covered street. There’s a beautiful intro of melancholic synths and strings. This is followed by footsteps with snow crunching underneath. It feels like the start to an entirely different song. The only hint to where we’re going is a fleeting feeling that the synths are asking “Why are you my clarity”, which is a really neat effect. But if you aren’t listening for it, you’ll miss it.

Once the original song starts, there are few remnants of the beginning. It sounds almost as if there are sleigh bells layered overtop, but gone are the beautiful synths and strings.

This remix from Virtual Riot is good. It’s enjoyable to listen to, but the introduction doesn’t fit with Clarity. That almost feels like he was building an entirely new song, then just stuck this remix in. The end, however, is similar to the beginning. It takes us back to this snowscape.

Honestly, it feels like we were walking through this sad world, happened upon someone listening to this remix, then kept walking. It truly is the sad Virtual Riot Remix. We’re left not knowing how to feel.

Listen to the song below.

Zedd – Clarity (sad Virtual Riot Remix)