Sevenn – Lollipop

Sevenn gained worldwide recognition after releasing their incredible banger with Tiesto in ‘Boom’. Since then, the DJ duo out of LA has only further presented their talents with hit releases including ‘BYOB‘ with Alok and ‘Pelados Em Santos‘. With just a few weeks left in 2018, Sevenn has just released another banger to close out their big year.

Sevenn’s newest track is called ‘Lollipop’ and it has been released on Armada records. Similar to ‘Boom’, the track consists of a monster drop with minimal use of vocals to engage a large crowd of partygoers. With such a hard bassline, there is no doubt this track will be making it’s way to the dancefloor at venues worldwide.

The duo of Sevenn has only just began taking off in their career including their debut performance at Tomorrowland this year. Stay tuned for what they have in store for 2019 but for now check out their track, ‘Lollipop’, below now.