[Premiere] 32Stitches – Do To You

32Stitches – Do To You

Mumbai based DJ & Producer 32Stitches returns again with his new nostalgia packed track ‘Do To You’. Gaining industry traction with singles like ‘Keeper Of The Realm’, ‘Remember this’ and recognition from remixes for Tom & Hills, 32Stitches is one of those artists you shouldn’t be sleeping on.

‘Do To You’ is a near perfect blend of Future Bass & Pop. The track starts off with a slow synth-filled intro, and the superb pop vocal kicks in shortly, lifting the track to a new level. The drop is nothing less than what you would expect of a future bass anthem. ‘Do To You’ is a tune packed with intense energy & feel-good vibes. The main melody has a very 80’s synth-wave style feel to it, but it doesn’t make you feel like your listening to some retro styled song. Overall, it feels and sounds very fresh.

Speaking about the track 32Stitches said,

“Inspired from classics such as ‘Waiting For Tonight’ by JLo, ‘Do To You’ is a track which captures lust and love in a very relatable perspective”

32Stitches – Do To You