Martin Garrix has been offering sneak peeks at his ANIMA live set that took place during ADE this year for some time now. The set, which happened at Amsterdam RAI 2018, has been teased through “The Martin Garrix Show”. But tease no more! Fans can now relive the experience, all recorded in stunning 4K quality.

The bar for this set was indeed high, with Garrix being DJ Mag’s #1 DJ in the world for many years running. The producer enlisted a team of top VFX artists, lighting and directors, and more. Together, they worked countless hours over an eight-month span prior to this year’s ADE to make the concept of ANIMA a reality. The ANIMA concept is sure to amaze with its outstanding tracklist, top-notch visuals and lighting, and overall insane presentation.

Catch up with all the behind-the-scenes leading up to this massive live production by checking out The Martin Garrix Show here. And lastly, be sure to watch the entire ANIMA show below.