Insomniac Passport Email Accidentally Sent To Everyone

Insomniac passport

Last night while casually checking my emails, I noticed I received an email titled “My personal invitation to you” from Pasquale Rotella. In the email were details about Insomniac’s Passport. It grants holders the opportunity to enjoy more Insomniac events throughout the year. The email also stated you could gain access to the secret website via the email and password provided. Also, the emails said that he was keeping the invite list small. First thought to cross my mind is how and why was I one of the special chosen few? Sure, I’ve been attending all different Insomniac shows for about 5 years now, but I was still surprised!

Sadly, an hour and a half later I received another email stating that a bug accidentally sent that previous Insomniac Passport email to everyone. Only a select few were given a password to grant them access to the website. Also, they said that their system is currently being reset. More people may still receive an invitation to join in the future. Was this insomniac attempt at a guerrilla marketing tactic or was it an honest mistake? We really can’t say, however, we can’t believe we got our hopes up for nothing!