Dillon Francis’ ‘Look At That Butt’ Featured in Hulu TV Commercial

No one would’ve believed us if we had said 40 years ago that EDM would take over the world. Of all the music genres out there, electronic dance music took a long time to take off – especially in a world dominated mostly by rock and pop music. Yet, as we are approaching the end of 2018, we can finally say that EDM is everywhere. You’ll find it at music festivals, in video games, and even with TV commercials. Dillon Francis is a prime example.

As it turns out, the American DJ/producer participated in the latest Hulu Commercial, made for the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards. In the commercial, we can see Joe Maganiello and Sarah Silverman, among other fabulous Hollywood stars, warning us about very serious things in life. “Never fly first class. It ruins flying in coach forever“.“Never add bacon“, “And most importantly, NEVER get Hulu. With tons of shows and movies, it will ruin TV for you FOREVER“.

The 1-minute spot announcement could have ended right there, but Francis’ song ‘Look At That Butt‘ continues to play in the background. It’s a nod to the EDM community that can now agree, once and for all, that EDM is continuing to become more and more popular.

Hulu did a good job on its latest commercial, and Dillon’s track makes the video even funnier. You can see it for yourself by clicking play below.