The end of the year is quickly approaching, which means that most people are taking the time to look back on the positives and negatives that occurred in 2018.

Among the long list of enjoyable moments, there are always those pesky occurrences that sneak up. Today, we have to, unfortunately, add another disappointing element to your list…

Denver’s beloved Beta Nightclub, centered around providing “cutting-edge dance music and entertainment, with state-of-the-art production along with an unparalleled vibe”, has recently announced its closure.

After over a decade of giving its attendees a one of a kind experience, January 5, 2019, will mark the final moment in this beautiful chapter.

Although an official statement has been released, the team behind the venue has yet to mention the reason behind the surprising decision. However, one could assume that due to Temple Nightclub‘s trendy club located near Beta Nightclub, that this may have caused an unfortunate dent in their overall profits.

Our mission statement was always simple. Club culture evolving. As we made the decision to draw Beta Nightclub to a close, we reflect back on this mantra and what it has become. We want to honor what we set out to do, honor our DJs for their devotion to their craft, honor our staff and promoters for their dedication, and most importantly, honor our fans who have shared their valuable time with us. It is with that reflection that we acknowledge the need to take this time to reset, recalibrate, and re-familiarize ourselves with our promise. Our reputation reflects our integrity and we want to remain true to what we stood for.

To our fellow dance community, Almost 11 years ago, we, the founders of Beta, began to pull together our idea of what…

Posted by Beta Nightclub on Thursday, December 20, 2018