Japan is one of the biggest music markets in the world outside of the United States. That said, many artists, such as the talented Mariah Carey, tend to have Japanese editions with exclusive tracks. Recently, the American singer reinforced this by announcing that not only will her new album, christened ‘Caution‘, include a new single with Skrillex, but a bonus edition will also contain “another collaboration with the amazing” musician.

Since Carey’s Twitter post, fans have been flocking to try to hear the special bonus track, ‘Runaway‘. Her army of followers have quickly been disappointed as this exclusive piece is only available on the Japenese edition of the new album. That’s right, ravers, it’s going to take a few connections in order to hear this alleged epic tune, despite the pre-order being available here.

Although the news of the bonus track not being available outside of Japan is disappointing, the anticipation to hear her new album is certainly on the music world’s radar. We look forward to hearing it, and hope to get our hands on the Skrillex collab ASAP!