Jauz vs. Starbucks vs. The Internet?

The internet always needs to be up in arms about something. It helps when artists post stupid things on Twitter. This week’s outrage: Jauz, the shark-themed music producer, tweeted that Starbucks needs an express lane for their “professional customers”.

What does that even mean?

This all came about because he did not want to wait 45 minutes for his cold brew. And you know, he’s right. Doesn’t the world know that this man has a Baby Shark Remix to work on?! He needs his coffee gosh darn it. He shouldn’t have to wait in line. He’s a professional.

In all seriousness, though it was a stupid thing to say, he did clarify. Initially, he said by “Pro” he meant people who drink real coffee (and not the fancy drinks that Starbucks has to offer) which did not help his situation.

He followed that tweet by saying that he shouldn’t have said professional, he should have said non-complicated.

Some on the internet agreed with his original statement, but most just told him to download the mobile app and order ahead, or just make his own coffee.

All in all, it’s a non-issue that the Internet will forget about soon enough.