Elderbrook Closes Year Out With Old Friend EP [Q+A]


Elderbrook – Old Friend EP

When it comes to the large amounts of producers in the music industry nowadays, Elderbrook definitely stands out as one of the best. Hailing from London, Alexander Kotz is known for his impeccable ability to song-write, produce, sing and play multiple instruments. Put all these skills together and you get an authentic sound that screams Elderbrook anytime you listen to any of his songs. Known for his crisp production and minimalistic bass, his roots in indie rock drive his songs to have a bigger focus on the lyrical aspect. 2017 was a huge year for Alex after his collab with Camelphat ‘Cola’ landed them both a grammy nomination. And as 2018 comes to an end, his meteoric rise continues with the release of his latest Old Friend EP.

Out now on Big Beat Records, this 4 track EP is oozing of his signature styling while each track still has its own individual flavor. Hit singles that made the EP include ‘Capricorn’ and ‘Sleepwalking’ that have an impressive 4.8m and 6.4m streams globally respectively. His single ‘Bird Song’ will have you floating in the clouds as his raw and sexy vocals flow flawlessly with the ensemble of electronic percussion.

The main song of the EP ‘Old Friend‘, gives off a similar chill vibe like ‘Cola’ with the use of hypnotic beats, intricate sound layers, and Kotz’s crystalline voice. His captivating voice is known to draw listeners in to dive deeply into the lyrics. Kotz comments that, ‘This song is about when you’re back around people you used to know and the way you instantly slip back into old behaviours around them.’

  1. Can you talk about the overall approach you take when creating your songs? For example, do you usually write the lyrics first and then build the instrumentation around them or vice versa?

It can start with anything really. A drum sound or beat, vocal melody or synth sound etc. It’s important when I write that it keeps flowing. If I hear something that sounds good I try and build on that and not overthink it too much. Lyrics usually come after the feel for the production is a little bit underway. I’ll usually just make phonetic noises that work rhythmically until it sounds like I’m saying something. After I have a phrase to work with the story or theme of the song makes itself.

  1. Do you have any interesting ways to get yourself into the right mindset for a songwriting session?

Luckily for me I’m always up for writing and can get into it whenever really! I’ve written a lot of songs and instrumentals on trains and planes while traveling. If I’m ever struggling with lyrics though I’ve found that picking up a book and finding interesting words that I wouldn’t usually use helps.

  1. Your live sets consists of you performing as a solo musician which may be limiting in the way you can present your music, have you ever considered working with a band?

Yes, I worked with a band when I first started playing live and I’d love to play with more people on stage again eventually. At the beginning of my live career I was playing with a drummer and keys player. I think at that point though it was too early for me to have other people on stage. I was still working out what my live show was going to be like and it took me a while to figure it out but for the last few years it’s been just me; looping, triggering, playing keys, a drum machine. ( on top of singing pretty much the whole time). Now that I have more of an idea about how my live show works it would be really interesting to try bringing more people on.

  1. Can you tell us a little more about how your latest song ‘Old Friend’ came about?

I had loved the phrase “Old Friend” and had wanted to use it for a while. I think what drew me to it is that the concept instantly evokes strong feelings cause we all have them (old friends). This song is about when you’re back around people you used to know and the way you instantly slip back into old behaviors around them.

  1. Are there any collaborations that we should be looking out for in 2019?

I’ve been working with loads of amazing people over the last year or so. Artists like Diplo, TEED and a whole lot of others. 2019 is the year I’ll be releasing my debut album so I’m not sure what will happen in the way of collaborations but I’m always working with new people and always making new music so we will see!

Check out the visuals video for ‘Old Friend’ below.