Dillon Francis’ New Comedy “Like and Subscribe” to be Released Soon

dillon francis
Dillon Francis’ show Like and Subscribe is finally going to see the light of day. The absurdist comedy was originally set to air back in July but had to be postponed once their network shut down. But have no fear, it has been picked up by Funny Or Die. Episode one will be released on November 13th.

It all began with a weird advertising campaign. A mural in LA that was only open to “influencers” (People who were verified and had 20k+ followers). The internet, being the internet, was all up in arms about it. But it was soon revealed to be for Francis’ show.

Francis is the executive producer for the project and he stars in it as well. He is a talent manager who forces a handful of extreme viral sensation influencers to live together in a house and make content. What could go wrong?

It fits the Dillon Francis brand of humor perfectly. It’s the sort of show that could only be made by the guy who made a Snapchat for a piñata and waxed his friend’s name into his chest.

Whether the show is good or not, we’re happy for him that it’s finally going to be released.