Daspen – Love Me Back (feat. Enya Angel)


Daspen – Love Me Back (feat. Enya Angel)

Daspen is back, and he’s once again teaming up with Enya Angel. Based out of Los Angeles, Daspen has easily found his way into our hearts. He has done this with his penchant for smooth vocal chops, and future bass chords.  Enya Angel, on the other hand, is an Australian based vocalist. She is known for her incredible voice, which has helped her to land collaborations with well-known producers such as Uberjakd & Dimatik alike.

This is the second time Daspen and Enya link up for a track, as their first single “Maybe” racked up over 400,000 streams on Spotify alone. The track also peaked at #43 on Belgium’s Viral Top 50 chart as well. The two have gotten together again on their newest collaboration titled ‘Love Me Back’. Having previously teamed up on the track ‘Maybe together with SWU, Daspen & Enya are doing things a bit differently this time.

Love Me Back

Love Me Back” is a heartfelt track full of love fueled vocals and sweet chords. During the breakdown, we get the chance to truly hear Enya’s voice shine. This is done as the elements are stripped away leaving only percussion, a mild bass, and Enya’s marching vocals. It is at the drop that we get a chance to hear Daspen’s production chops in full force. This is because his epic Future Bass type chords come into play. These are paired with Enya’s vocals, which are topped off with a catchy vocal chop.

If you listen to the lyrics, you’ll get the feeling of a letdown lover, who is finally realizing that their partner will never be able to ‘Love Them Back’. It’s an emotion-fueled song, and while still sad in nature, the melody and instrumental are anything but that. Like most great music, Daspen is able to share his heartfelt message, while still keeping us in a good mood, and we love it. ‘Love Me Back’ is out now, and can be streamed below. Enjoy!

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