With new music coming out practically every day, listeners can’t wait to share new tracks with their friends. Instagram offers the user the ability to add songs to their stories and even Spotify joined in offering their track integration in stories as well. Soundcloud is now looking to join in as well.

Soundcloud is always looking for ways to make users share their favorite tracks from their platform. Now they made an announcement that they are now letting users share tracks to their Instagram stories.

Check it out in action below.

Users will now see upon sharing that the album artwork, the name of the track, and a link to take their followers directly to the track on the SoundCloud app is now displayed in their stories.

If they want to listen to the track or mix you shared, users have to tap on the link since playback is still not offered natively on your stories.

Go crazy guys and share those special Soundcloud gems with all of your friends now!