Skrillex Teases Upcoming Collab with JOYRYDE

It seems Skrillex truly is coming back this month. This comes just a few weeks after an OWSLA audio engineer revealed that Skrillex would be back in October. No song has dropped yet, however, yesterday he tweeted a picture of his computer screen. It is most certainly a tease, but there’s enough there to warrant hype.

The picture reveals a collaboration between him and JOYRYDE. The name of the song is going to be ‘AGEN WIDA’. This comes a week after JOYRYDE’s cryptic tweet of the OWSLA logo along with the caption “I’ve never done this before.. I’m ready now.” Many people on Twitter assumed it was a collab with Skrillex and it seems they were right.

But the collab is not all that the Skrillex picture tells us.

Under the ‘artists’ section it lists Ekali Edits above JOYRYDE. That’s something else we can definitely be looking forward to in the (hopefully near) future. Below that is mostly empty tracklisting, where we can see the lengths of two other songs.

But the most important detail is the word ‘BRAVE’. It’s listed under the album section. Whether this album will be JOYRYDE’s or Skrillex’s remains to be seen.

Hopefully we don’t have to wait too much longer to find out.