MISS JANNI – Lucid Dreams (Kantor Remix)

MISS JANNI Lucid Dreams Kantor Remix

MISS JANNI – Lucid Dreams (Kantor Remix)

Once known as 5 & A Dime, Kantor has since re-branded to great success. Just last month he released his killer track ‘Bodies‘, his first single as Kantor. And now he’s following that up with a brand new remix for MISS JANNI’s recent song, ‘Lucid Dreams‘.

“This track actually came together really quickly. I was given the opportunity to remix the original via Warner Bros HK and I instantly loved the topline. The vibe I was trying to achieve was something dreamy, especially since the lyrical content worked perfectly with that concept. The overall groove of the track is really shuffled”

And just like his previous release Kantor shows up in top form with this remix. MISS JANNI’s beautiful vocals combined with his silky smooth production results in the perfect track for you to vibe out to. Check out the track below and be sure to keep an eye out for his future releases.

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