Erik Frank Releases Two Singles in Two Weeks via Tipsy Records

Erik Frank – ‘Pyscho’ & ‘Secrets’

Erik Frank is an electronic dance music vocalist from Romania. Just last year, Frank appeared on a huge single with superstar singer Inna. The song, titled ‘Ruleta’, has garnered hundreds of millions of streams thus proving Erik Frank should be a fast rising name in the dance-pop community.

While everything he touches turns to gold, there have been a handful of strong releases this year that Erik has had part in. The singer-songwriter has showcased his raw talent with the debut single that he released via dance music curator Mr. Revillz. The single, ‘Perfect Mess’, was chilling and thrilling with Miss Mary. The track delivers a fantastic duet vocal. Hopefully this won’t be the last time we see these two young artists come together.

Erik just dropped two insanely hot singles in two weeks on Tipsy Records called ‘Psycho‘ and ‘Secrets’. These tracks deliver a statement that is loud and clear for all to hear.

‘Psycho’ is special because the producer has been showing so much progress over the past few years. The exciting Indian producer Heuse already had an instrumental called ‘Lies’ that was fitting for a vocal addition from Erik. The two artists combined styles for a pop collaboration inevitably creating ‘Psycho’. Hip-Hop and Future-Bass elements at their finest make ‘Psycho’ a strong single among today’s surplus of songs. Erik is able to showcase his undoubted talent in yet another dance music genre.

‘Secrets’ is closer in proximity with the sounds of Kygo and Sam Feldt. Truly unique, the song has chill pop-house characteristics. It’s easily enjoyable but also something that you won’t expect to hear. Erik’s voice is comparative to Sam Smith with a more modern R&B twist. His solo performance works smoothly with the legendary Romanian producer Alex Parker. This song boasts catchy pop leads and melodic guitars resembling what seems to be a corny and catchy love story. Clearly portraying emotions and feelings through his vocal craft, Erik continues to wield his voice perfectly on a more evolved deep house and modern pop style.

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