Charlie Crown Releases Debut Single ‘Loner’

Building on the considerable success he experienced under his previous moniker, Charlie Crown (FKA Flapo), has released his debut single ‘Loner.’

There often comes a point in an artist’s career where they want to make music that doesn’t necessarily fit with the sound of their current project; that appears to be the case with Charlie Crown. As his debut single, ‘Loner’ signals a darker and bolder direction for the Bogota, Colombia native. If this is the style we can expect from Crown in the future, we certainly cannot complain.

Here’s what Crown had to say about the track:

“Loner is a track about feeling disconnected from other people and ultimately the world following the demise of a relationship. It looks to examine the moments at which paths diverge and how we reconcile the emotional weight of such a shift and attempt to create new energy in moving forward.” – Charlie Crown

Clearly, he was channeling the theme of ‘moving on from the past’ on ‘Loner’ – a perfect representation of his decision to rebrand.

You can check out ‘Loner’ on Soundcloud below, and make sure to keep your ears open for more from this exciting new project!