The Chainsmokers Jump on the Swedish House Mafia Hype Train with Reddit Post

Even once you reach the level of closing the Ultra Mainstage the night before Swedish House Mafia, you’re still merely a fanboy compared to SHM. The Chainsmokers might be one of the biggest names in dance music (and pop) today, but they are just as excited about the big 2019 tour as the rest of us.

Famously back before Ultra, The Chainsmokers took to Reddit to join the “Special Guest” speculation. Suddenly these megastars were just like the rest of us, except they probably knew the truth (let’s be real). Now once again the duo is stoking the hype on Reddit. After the SHM website was updated with a countdown today, another Reddit post from The Chainsmokers’ official account popped up on /EDM.

It appears even with only 2 comments the fans have wised up to the promo. If the duo was so dead on before, why wouldn’t they be dead on now. So now for the first time we’re contemplating new music to go along with the tour announcement, and we’re not mad about it at all.

Swedish House Mafia has a mysterious countdown clock on their site? Tour? New Song? Both? from r/EDM