Borgore feat. Gucci Mane & THIRTY RACK – MOP

Borgore MOP

Borgore feat. Gucci Mane & THIRTY RACK – MOP

Borgore is back with a new release this time featuring Gucci Mane & THIRTY RACK. He is no stranger to producing trap and ‘MOP’ is no different. Heavy on rap lyrics this track begins with a fire beat surrounding the two rappers. While there is no intense build up to a booming drop, the song still bumps well. This past year Borgore took a side step from Dubstep and produced a more jazzy album called Adventures in Time

A few years back Borgore produced another massive track, ‘Forbes’, with G-Eazy. This song really got him on the map, if he wasn’t already, and is still his most popular song according to Spotify.

He is still touring the country and has tons of dates still to go. You are definitely going to want to give this one a listen. It is a great addition to any playlist especially a pre-game one. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

 Borgore feat. Gucci Mane & THIRTY RACK – MOP | Download