[WATCH] Catch Andrew Bayer’s Set From ABGT300

For those of us that can’t attend every festival that we want to go to, livestreams are our best alternative. The experience of hearing the set alone falls incredibly short compared to seeing the colorful displays, crazy lasers, and crowd atmosphere. The iconic ABGT300 that took place in Hong Kong just happened last week and unfortunately due to the time zone differences for many Anjuna fans, they missed the livestream. Luckily, Andrew Bayer’s live set is now up on Youtube in 4K to start off the week with some good vibes.

The hour-long video is a spectacle to be enjoyed in full screen. Bayer throws down a beautiful set showcasing many of his tracks. Seeing the crowd’s emotional reactions is a testament to how magical that night was. One goosebump-inducing highlight is when ‘Superhuman’ transitions into the lyrics and the crowd just go “ahhh”.

Take a bathroom break before starting the video because you will be entranced from start to finish.