Authorities Confirm Cause of Tomorrowland Deaths

Over the Summer two female Tomorrowland attendees died from apparent water poisoning due to ecstasy use in combination with various environmental factors. The Antwerp prosecutor’s office confirmed that a 33-year-old Czech female and a 26-year-old woman from India both passed at the end of July.

It started with the Czech female being unwell in her tent as she stayed for the first weekend. The Holy Family Hospital in Reet examined her health, then had her taken to the UZA in Edegem. She passed on July 27th in the hospital. The Indian female had a cardiac arrest onsite at the festival on July 29th. Emergency services tried to resuscitate her and transfer her to the USA in Edegem but she passed two days later.

These two incidents created a criminal investigation after being reported to the media. After all, this sort of incident is not something that goes unnoticed in the festival scene. On August 7th, a law doctor and toxicologist examined the blood and urine samples of both women. They found clear traces of XTC – a common substance used at festivals. Taking XTC suppresses vasopressin, which in turn creates a water-retaining effect. Combining drugs, sweating, and excessive dancing, it seems the women drank too much water to compensate. The water intoxication led to their untimely demise.

The Antwerp prosecutor’s office is no longer running investigations as the origin of the drugs cannot be traced. This long-time relationship between drug use and death is very common. It is peculiar that the thing we need most for our bodies can end up being the worst for it. Please folks, we implore you to be responsible at these events. Make sure you are with friends, stay adequately hydrated, and know your surroundings.