Synesthesia Records – Blood Moon EP

Blood Moon EP

Synesthesia Records – Blood Moon EP

Ever since its inception, Synesthesia Records has prided itself on discovering and showcasing the best producers that the mid-tempo genre has to offer. Even though it has only been active for about half a year, the budding label has put out quality releases time and time again. Now, Synesthesia has stepped up to the plate with its biggest project yet, the Blood Moon EP.

Assembled by LICK, the compilation features tunes from seven different producers, including the frequent Deadbeats collaborator himself. The six other contributors, ZABOSocial KidNo EtiquetteKRILLASWARM and Voliikall embody LICK’s recently-launched Dark Vibe Order (DVO) brand. Despite the fact that each track on the Blood Moon EP falls under the same subgenre, the artists manage to let their unique signatures shine while staying true to the overarching sound.

Listen to the latest offering from Synesthesia Records below and if you dig it, be sure to check out some of the past releases from all producers involved.

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