Sacred Valley Festival Cancelled by Insomniac

Sacred Valley Featured“Due to unforeseen circumstances”, Sacred Valley Festival, Insomniac‘s new psychedelic festival, has been cancelled.

Organizers of the festival that was due to take place next weekend, released a statement yesterday across social media platforms and a page on the event’s website explaining that they have cancelled the festival because they have not been able to “deliver the experience [they] had envisioned”.

With a lack of clarity around the reasoning behind the cancellation of the event, many fans will begin to speculate around why this has happened at such short notice. Rumors have been thrown around social media sites already, many of the themes including the unique line-up, and the tickets only going on sale in July.

Ticket holders have been issued refunds that should reach their accounts between five to seven working days.

Sacred Valley’s statement read:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances we have made the difficult decision to cancel the Sacred Valley festival. We’ve been working hard on this festival all year long, but were not able to deliver the experience we had envisioned. 

Original purchasers for any and all tickets and vehicle passes will receive a full refund within the next 5-7 business days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We appreciate your support and your passion for the spirit of this event, and we hope to bring Sacred Valley to life in the future. – The Sacred Valley Team”

It is unclear whether Sacred Valley will return in the future.