Robyn Finally Reveals Tracklist for New Album

Swedish singer Robyn put out some exciting news via social media regarding her new album Honey. The long-awaited album is reported to be released October 26th, her first solo album since Body Talk in 2010. It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard from Robyn, as she stated in Ponystep Magazine that she’s spent a majority of her time rebuilding herself with a counselor. Now refreshed and rejuvenated, she’s ready to release new music in just under a month.

In her Tweet, Robyn wrote how the tracklist is officially done even before the songs were actually completed. A cryptic video slowly staggers the name of each song title, with Honey sitting #6. A total of 9 songs make up the album, including a special collaboration with Zhala. Additionally, you might have heard or recognized Missing You and Honey on an episode of HBO’s Girls. Nonetheless, with October 26th just a month away, we can already tell that Honey will be well worth the wait.

Honey Tracklist
1. Missing U
2. Human Being [feat. Zhala] 3. Because It’s In The Music
4. Baby Forgive Me
5. Send To Robin Immediately
6. Honey
7. Between The Lines
8. Beach2k20
9. Ever Again