G Jones – That Look in Your Eye

For the last several years, Greg Jones, aka G Jones, has been carving out his own special niche within the electronic music world. Throughout his career and ascent in the industry he has never followed the latest trends or cut corners; he has stuck with making the music that he has wanted to make, and the results are apparent in the singles he has released from his upcoming debut album The Ineffable Truth. There’s no doubt G Jones has arrived, and is ready to take you on a journey through his mind when the album drops in late October. Today, we were blessed with the fourth and final single from The Ineffable Truth, titled, “That Look in Your Eye.”

Here’s what Jones had to say about the new single:

That Look In Your Eye is one of the last songs I wrote for The Ineffable Truth and also one of my personal favorites on the album. I want to give a special shout to my friend Victor Mosquera who created the beautiful art for the single as well as the animated video assets for the live show.” – G Jones

Each new G Jones release is genuinely unique, something we don’t see enough of in the current dance music climate. Having heard him play out many of the new songs from the album, Jones manages to craft tunes that are vastly different from each other while still telling a cohesive story. “That Look in Your Eye” is the last we will hear from G Jones until the rest of the album drops next month on Jones’ own imprint Illusory Records. You can take a listen below, and stay tuned for the rest of The Ineffable Truth at the end of October.