Dusky – Aset Forever EP

Dusky – Aset Forever EP

If you’re familiar with Dusky, you’ve probably been looking forward to the release of their new Aset Forever’ EP. If you’re not, you might just be after you check it out. The London based house duo has been around since the early 2010’s, and they’ve been riding a wave of success ever since. Having got their start by releasing on Anjunadeep, they’ve proceeded to release on labels such as Simple Records, Dogmatik Records, and even Aus Music. Today they bring us their new EP courtesy of their own label, 17 Steps.

It should be noted that this EP is dedicated to Dusky’s longtime friend Jan Francis who passed away in late 2017. According to Billboard:

“Francis was a founder of London’s famed ATG graffiti crew and School Records label. He was instrumental in the duo’s early career, booking some of their first-ever gigs in London.”

The ‘Aset Forever’ EP contains five tracks of solid tunes, incorporating all of the different styles, and characteristics we’ve come to love from the duo. ‘Amongst The Gods‘ is worth checking out, as it is just pure funky house.

Personally, my favourite tune on the EP is the fifth and final track, titled ‘The Captain.‘ It starts off quick with a funky bassline and just continues to grow in a progressive fashion. At 3:30 we get these beautiful synths, that sound like they could be part of your favourite Trance track. Normally at this point, a track would be ending, or would already have finished, but with a run time of 7 minutes and 10 seconds, ‘The Captain‘ is just getting started.

If you’re into quality house music, ‘Aset Forever’ is definitely worth checking out. Dusky once again more than delivers. The EP is out now on 17 Steps, and can be streamed below.

Dusky – Aset Forever EP | Download