Alan Walker Releases ‘Diamond Heart’ With Sophia Somajo

Alan Walker
Alan Walker

Alan Walker feat. Sophia Somajo – Diamond Heart

Ever since releasing his platinum single, ‘Faded’ back in 2015, Norwegian producer Alan Walker has enjoyed massive success. From playing on major festival stages to even performing for the 2016 Winter X Games, he has made quite a name for himself. His talent to produce beautifully composed tunes that tell powerful stories have inspired fans all around the world. To continue this movement, he dedicates his new single ‘Diamond Heart’ featuring Sophia Somajo to all his fans around the world.

The beginning of the song sounds very similar to ‘Faded’ with soft instrumentation. Joining in shortly after is Sophia Somajo’s beautiful voice that sets listeners up for a very emotional field trip. Throughout the song, her soulful vocals paired with Walker’s signature uplifting and euphoric synths connect with us on a deep level.

‘Diamond Hearts’ is set to be another smashing hit in terms of its meaningful lyrics, addictive melody, and stellar production. Listen to the song below and let us know what you think.