Yotto Dishes on Hyperfall, Tomorrowland, and More

One of the hottest names in the Anjunadeep stable, Yotto, stopped by to chat with us during Weekend 2 of Tomorrowland. We learned the origin of his debut album, his favorite type of set, and even his spirit animal. His album Hyperfall is coming soon and you can order it here.

Yotto Interview

EDMTunes: Good Afternoon Yotto, I’m Scott from EDMTunes and thanks for talking with me today. First things first, you just announced your debut album Hyperfall – so can you tell us about it?

Yotto: Hyperfall is actually, its a funny thing, I sent my manager a set of photos of my dog in the woods in the fall. The colors were so bright, red, yellow, green and he just wrote Hyperfall. That word kind of stuck with us and the album is gonna come out in the fall anyway so the name Hyperfall really felt like it fit. Musically it’s gonna be a bit of everything

EDMTunes: So you’re actually playing two sets at Tomorrowland today. You already played a daytime set at the Spectrum stage in the forest and tonight you have another at Anjunadeep in prime time. Tell us a little about the difference between the sets.

Yotto: The Spectrum set is more like a daytime rave, like imagine a big pool party. It’ll be very summery vibes. the Anjunadeep set is gonna be a bit darker, a bit harder and it’ll feature more of my album tracks.

EDMTunes: More techno?

Yotto: Yeah a bit more techno. And you know the stage has a location right in the middle of everything so people can just walk through.

EDMTunes: Is this your first time at Tomorrowland?

Yotto: No it’s not. Last time I was here I was playing on the Pryda x Mau5trap stage. It was a great year and I actually opened that stage, and it was actually a really good experience. I literally started playing before the doors opened and there was nobody there, but by the end of my set it was packed.

EDMTunes: Do you prefer the big festival sets or the more intimate club performances?

Yotto: I like them both, definitely more of a club DJ. I liek the smaller clubs like 300-400 people really packed in where I’m close to the crowd and I can reach out to give them a high five.

EDMTunes: Something like your recent set at Treehouse in Miami?

Yotto: That was a great one only a few weeks ago.

EDMTunes: What is your ideal set length?

Yotto: Three hours

EDMTunes: Last question, so what animal best encapsulates your sound?

Yotto: Oh geez, hmmm, to be honest I’m not sure of the word in English. You know the frog that changes color? A Chameleon is another good one because you know I try to play for the venue instead of playing for myself. If I come into a dark room I’m probably gonna play long and heavy, but if I’m playing a sunny stage in Florida I’m gonna play more upbeat music.

EDMTunes: Thanks so much for talking to us Yotto and we’ll see you soon!